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Contact me for angora fiber, seeds, yarn or comments!

Contact: frugalperennial@earthlink.net

Image: Some bunny yarns. Soft and fuzzy!

Angora Fluff for spinning or felting:

pure white angora
black angora (gray tones)
chocolate Chinchilla
tortoiseshell (subtle orange/white)

Dye seeds:
Japanese Indigo
rhubarb (a dye, mordant, and culinary plant)
additional varieties coming

NOTE: certain of these can not be shipped to some areas, for example woad is invasive in some western states

Daylily seeds

modern varieties, contact to choose predominant colors (or mix)
Sorry, daylilies don't come in blue or green yet! 

Occasionally Giant Angora rabbits are available to humane approved homes only! We're in Eastern Massachusetts.

Image: Spinning!

Image: I dye using plants that grow in my backyard

angora wool dyed naturally using plants and lichens

Image: Scarves made using the 1925 Antique Gearhart Circular Knitting Machine

scarves cranked on a 1924 antique circular sock knitting machine

Image: Antique CSM

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